Parampara Continuing The Legacy Since 1864

Government College Of Art And Craft, Calcutta

A Brief Introduction to all Specializations on Offer


An iconic department that once championed aesthetics of Western Academic art, presently a seat of multiple experimentations.

Painting (Indian Style)

The department created by Abanindranath Tagore and Percy Brown in 1916, has roots in India’s struggle for Independence.

Modelling & Sculpture

A department where students create dialogues between material, processes, form and space.

Graphic Design | Applied Art

The department that is an expert in the field of advertising, media and produces visual raconteurs. 

Textile Design

The department that weave stories with thread and dye, continuing the rich legacy of Indian Textile.

Design: Wood & Leather

A cross-disciplinary unique department in the country, that follows the legacy of the Industrial Arts.

Ceramic Art & Pottery

The department that creates magic with clay, wheel and the furnace.


The department where the image makers make use of ink, press and the art of visual reproduction.

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