When Saraswati puja got merged into ‘Parampara’

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The combination of Saraswati Puja and the climate is always enamoring to each and everyone and especially to students. But due to the pandemic situation, we all are strictly restricted in some guidelines and not to be permitted to visit any of our institutions. With the determination to keep continuing the ritual of our college, we, few students representing our College union, had done the Saraswati puja in our college premises. But the interesting fact is that not only us, many students were present there just because of the nostalgia feelings of college but not to celebrate the puja. Being a GCACian, I can feel and relate as the same date is chosen for our annual exhibition. Yes, this Exhibition is itself a festival for everyone belonging to GCAC. The preparation, activities, cultural programs, interaction with different people, all are being missed due to this situation.

GCAC Saraswati Puja 20-21

As we all always believe in positivity, we can hope for a better situation where GCACians can continue their practices with almighty.

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  1. Amatullah Helali

    Good guys

  2. Sangeeta Dey

    খুব সুন্দর লাগছে।। ❤