Questions: What is the closing date of this online exhibition?

Answer: Closing date of our exhibition is 28th February 2021 / 23:59 hours.

Questions: What should i do if i want to buy any of these works?

Answer: if any buyer is interested to buy any artwork they

need to write to us mentioning the Artist’s Name , Gallery Number and Name

of the artwork. Go to the ‘Contact’ page and fill out the required fields and send it us. Our members will get back to you within 24 hours.

Questions: how to know more about this institution ?

Answer: If you want to know more about this institution you are advised to visit ‘Official Website

Questions: how to find the faculty panel?

Answer: You will find the faculty panel at our official website at GCAC There is separate ‘Faculty‘ Page .You can also find the same here. Simply click on the faculty page here.

Questions: How to contact this institution?

Answer: Go to the Contact Page of our Official Website.

Questions: Can we get any catalogue of this exhibition?

Answer: After the completion of this exhibition catalogue will be made available. Write to us with all your details and we will send you a digital catalogue of this exhibition.

Questions: Can we enter the exhibition after 28th of February?

Answer: No. Once the exhibition is over you will not be able to enter or visit the exhibition.