The closing of the Students Annual Exhibition "Parampara", on the 156th year of this institution, is marked with the achievement of the first online show ever held in its history. Year marking the pandemic, this is a new beginning. I am sure this exhibition has given rise to as much enthusiasm amongst the student community as it has received appreciation from the audience. My sincere thanks to each one of the students, teacher's and staff who have contributed in this painstaking effort of making this virtual exhibition possible; not only keeping the show going, but by achieving new heights of professionalism in these neo-normal circumstances. This is proven by the whopping numbers of over fifteen thousand views clocked world over within the short life of the exhibition. Optimistic and hopeful of overcoming the ongoing hurdles and achieving greater heights in the times to come, my best wishes to one and all. Chhatrapati Dutta  Principal. (28, February 2021)